Insulated Containers

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Insulated Containers
insulated_containersThere are many types of containers that are used to ship your cargo. Insulated containers are one of them. These are containers that are insulated with approximately 4" of polyurethane foam. They are ideal for storage of product that is sensitive to ambient temperature extremes or condensation. Insulated containers are lined with either stainless steel or GRP and are supplied in a clean and weatherproof condition and the doors are lockable. In order to increase security it is possible to fit an optional steel lock protection box.

These containers are insulated against heat loss or gain and are used in conjunction with a blown air refrigeration system, to convey perishable or other cargo which needs to be carried under temperature control. Fitted with a "T" section floor that allows air flow around the cargo, these containers secure free air circulation inside.

It is possible to use insulated Containers for the carriage of clean general cargo. But in this case it should be noted that the internal dimensions of these containers is less than those of General Purpose Containers.

20' Insulated Container Specification

 External Dimensions

 Internal Dimensions

 Cubic Capacity

 Length 20' or 6.096m Length 6'9" / 7'4"
or 2.12m / 2.23m

 981 cu ft
or 27.8 cu m

 Height 8' / 8'6”
or 2.43m / 2.59m
 Height 6'9" / 7'4"
or 2.12m / 2.23m

 Approximate Weight

 Width 8' or 2.44m Width   7'4" or 2.26m 2500kgs (2.5 tonnes)