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shipping-containers_01Shipping Containers are an effective and safe way to store and transport your furniture and goods at needed destination. They come in a wide range of types and sizes. For example, there are containers that open from the top, containers with double doors, insulated containers, and remarkably comfortable containers for use as temporary office space. 20, 40, 45, 52 ft are some sizes of containers available in the market.

All containers are made of high quality steel and are basically made to be shipped around the world by sea so are weatherproof and absolutely secure. Moreover, containers can be produced to your needs and sizes.

Our aim is to provide you with the needed information on the containers dimensions and show you the peculiarities of every type. We aim to provide our customers with more than they need in order to ease any loading anxiety. Here you will find out how to choose the container that will be appropriate for transporting your goods at chosen destination.

20ft Shipping Container
If you are going to transport your goods, then read about 20ft shipping container that may be used for transporting your freight. Find out why the 20 foot shipping container is the basic unit of measuring shipping containers.
40ft Shipping Container
Learn about the peculiarities of 40ft shipping containers. Get to know more about their construction, dimensions to use while shipping your cargo.
Bulk Containers
Find out more about bulk shipping containers. Read about their peculiarities, dimensions and weight.
Dry Van Containers
Read about dry van containers and find out the specifications of their weight, exterior, and interior, and price.
Flat Rack Containers
Find out more about flat rack containers. Learn the peculiarities of this type of containers and its construction.
Hard-Top Containers
Look through the following information on hard-top containers and read about their construction, peculiarities. Find also the tables with the information on the dimensions of these containers.
High-Cube Containers
Consider the information on the high-cube containers. Get to know their construction and read also about their dimensions.
Insulated Containers
If you want to know more about insulated container, then read the following information and find out when these containers are used and how they can protect your cargo during shipping.
Open-Top Containers
Read the following information and find out more about open-top containers. Consider when these containers are used and learn their dimensions.
Palletwide Containers
Look through the following information and find out how palletwide container differs from other container types. Read about dimensions of this container and other specifications.
Here you may find the information on such container type as platform. See how it differs from other container types and what cargo can be loaded.
Refrigerated Containers
Learn more about the features and benefits of refrigerated containers. Find tips that will help you keep your storage in needed condition.
Tank Containers
Think over the information on the tank containers. Get to know what cargo these containers may transport, how they are designed and what formula should be used when filling in the tank.
Ventilated Containers
Consider why to use ventilated containers when transporting certain cargo. See how such containers are constructed and read about their dimensions and weights.