Tips to Ensure a Safe Delivery

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Tips to Ensure a Safe Delivery

It is very important to know that your cargo is delivered safe and promptly. For this you have to choose the right shipping container that can save you time and money as well as protect your goods.

There are many shipping containers available in many shapes and sizes. You should choose one according to the size, weight, and type of items being shipped. It is very important to think over the sensitivity of your products as liquid, frozen, dry, and solid products all require certain types of shipping containers.

Different containers are designed to carry different cargo. And many of them are designed for specific industrial needs. Thus, the flat-rack shipping container or platform container has all sides open and is designed to ship heavy machinery. With the help of open-tops it is possible to carry heavy, oversized cargo or bulk cargo items such as grain, coal, steel pellets, or sand. There are also completely enclosed and weatherproof containers. These are dry van containers and they come in various sizes. A side-door container has a rear door and a minimum of one door on the side.

To ship liquid goods tank containers are used. Gas is transporting with the help of gas bottles, which are shaped like cylinders. A swapbody container had adjustable support legs. Refrigerated containers are designed to ship goods that need to be kept frozen or refrigerated.

Knowing all the types, you can choose what container you need. Having packed your goods, they will be delivered safely. It is worth to consider how easily and quickly the items can be loaded and unloaded. Not all shipping containers are easy to use, everything depends on your loading dock setup.

If you want to ship fragile or odd-shaped items, then it is better to choose smaller plastic cargo containers. This will help you to package items separately before placing them in one big metal container.

Some products are considered to be "dangerous" or "highly flammable." They must be shipped in containers made specifically for these items. Special steel drums, gas bottles, tanks, plastic drums, and intermediate bulk containers are designed to protect these items and those who handle them.

Shipping containers come in various lengths and sizes. They have a specific limitation to be sure the cargo doesn't exceed this figure. Lengths are mostly 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet, 48 feet, and 53 feet. 20 feet or 40 feet containers are often required. The standard height is 8.5 feet while the standard width is 8 feet. But there are also "half-height" containers or "high-cube" containers. It is required to label every shipping container properly.