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Container Insurance

There are many reasons you may worry about your goods while shipping. This is because many accidents occur during the transportation. And even having container, you face an array of exposures in relation to the ownership and leasing of it. In all cases you have to buy insurance that will help you protect your container from physical damage.

In addition it is often required to cover chassis liability and this cover is available. Your insurance company should be able to deliver suitable cover. It is possible to discuss all the requirements with your insurance company, it has to provide the insurance for any type of containers. The following are possible risks your insurance will cover.

container_insuranceRisks Covered:
• physical loss of or damage to containers including theft;

• costs and contributions allowed in general average in a part which refers to the insured containers during their transportation by sea;

• costs incurred after any accident that gives rise to, or may give rise to, a claim under the insurance, in investigating the accident and protecting the Insured's interests in relation to it, for example, the fees of a lawyer, surveyor or expert; in avoiding or minimizing a claim.

Cost of insurance depends on the type of container; number of containers; cost of containers; technical conditions of  containers; production year; territory of use; means of transport used for containerize.

The following are things you have to think about insurance: 1) container insurance from the carrier is required; 2) this usually only covers complete loss of the box; 3) if your contents are damaged in transit you are not typically covered; 4) expect difficulty finding an insurance company that will cover the contents for a reasonable price.