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Before Buying the Container

buying_containerIf you want to buy container, then you have to think over what type to choose and why you need it. Planning to ship goods in the containers, you need CSC - Convention for Safe Containers. This certification testifies that the container is still suitable for safe handling and transportation in a commercial inter-modal transport environment. This is needed to be sure that the container are still sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of being moved about from trucks to railcars to ships and back to railcars and trucks till it reaches its destination.

All containers are made of high tensile steel with a reinforced rigid framework. This helps them to survive in the extreme conditions of an ocean voyage. Every container has walls that are corrugated steel sheets and interiors are made of treated timber. Having double doors at one end, the standard container is secured by four locking bars that extend to the full height of the container.

As containers are heavy, they are transported with container trucks fitted with cranes. Containers are loaded and unloaded with these trucks that transport them safely. Standard 20 feet container weighs over 2000kg.

To open the heavy doors easily, the containers should be placed on level ground. It is possible to erect four level corner concrete blocks to place the four corners of the container.

The container should be put near the location with an adequate area with no overhanging obstacles up to a height of about 25 feet. This is needed to handle the container and the large truck. An obstacle free space of 60'x20'x25' is a minimum at the proposed location.

You may also buy containers for storing your goods. In this case you don't need CSC certification. But you have to ensure that the containers are still vandal proof and jemmy proof. For this you can use padlocks as additional security.

You may also rent the container. Choose the best option considering your requirements. Renting, you can indicate that you would like a purchase option to be exercised later if needed.

If you are going to ship your cargo to another country and don't know what to begin with, then start with considering the type of needed container. Pay attention to all the details and choose the container you need.