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International Container Shipping to China

When shipping your goods to another country, you'll want to import them economically. Get here all required information about rates and shipping services to help you make your container shipping process as easy as possible. Look through the information on free trade zones, customs requirements and rates on shipping your containers to China.

Import your container freight to main ports and cities in China: Beijing, Haerbin, Shanghai, Shenyang, Tianjin.

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China joined WTO in 2001. Chinese authorities have been revising and improving legislation and administrative rules involving foreign trade and economic cooperation before and after joining WTO. Laws and rules not in conformity with WTO (including import legislation) regulations were revised or canceled.

When importing goods to China, you have to present the following documents: certificate or origin, customs declaration, bill of lading, sales contract, commercial invoice, packing list. Some additional documents may be required: import permits and quality supervision, inspection and quarantine inspection (AQSIQ) clearance.

There are 7 free trade zones in China: Zhuhai Free Trade Zone (Tel: 86-756-8686939 ), Tianjin Port Free Zone (Fax: 86-22-25761742), Ningbo Free Trade Zone, Xiamen Free Trade Zone (86-592-6035831), Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shantou Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen Free Trade Zone.

When thinking of using FCL shipping option (20’ and 40’ containers), you should keep in mind the following advantages:
1) The container volume is all at your disposal;
2) You don’t have to have to wait for your order being consolidated with other orders shipped to the same destination;
3) Mind that your goods will stay in the container from the time of loading in the origin port to the time of unloading at the destination.

Here are the estimated costs on importing your container from United States to the ports in China:

 20’ Container    40’ Container   Transit Time 
 East Coast - Dalian  $945.00   $1,535.00   33
 West Coast - Dalian $520.00 $915.00 34
 East Coast - Foshan   $1,265.00 $1,935.00 21
 West Coast - Foshan  $951.00   $1,441.00 29
 East Coast - Kaohsiung     $1,250.00 $1,410.00 n/a
 West Coast - Kaohsiung $866.00 $958.00 n/a
 East Coast - Keelung           $1,300.00 $1,460.00  n/a
 West Coast - Keelung $866.00 $941.00 n/a
 East Coast - Ningbo     $1,161.00   $1,261.00  39
 West Coast - Ningbo $766.00 $916.00 25 
 East Coast - Shanghai $2,350.00 $1,261.00 32
 West Coast - Shanghai $730.00 $825.00 23
 East Coast - Shenzhen $1,425.00 $1,635.00 n/a
 West Coast - Shenzhen $866.00 $1,066.00 n/a
 East Coast - Tianjin $1,300.00 $1,460.00 n/a
 West Coast - Tianjin $946.00 $1,058.00 n/a
 East Coast - Xiamen $1,345.00 $1,535.00 39
 West Coast - Xiamen $841.00 $958.00 28
 East Coast - Yantian $1,290.00 $1,485.00 n/a
 West Coast - Yantian $791.00 $891.00 n/a
 East Coast - Qingdao $1,161.00 $1,261.00 32
 West Coast - Qingdao  $770.00 $865.00 20

To get the full cost of transportation you should add the following:

- Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF Charges) - $90 - $180
- Wharfage - $3 per MT
- Bill of Lading - $50
- Drayage from Terminal to Your Door (depends on the distance) - $220 (minimum) for 20’ and $235 (minimum) for 40’ container
- Fuel Surcharge - starts at $40
- Shipper's Declaration (Over $2,500.00) - $50
- Allowance for Industrial Goods - $100 - $150
- Hazardous Material - $100  

Please note that these charges are subject to change. Request an online quote to get the fresh rates.